How To Wear Your Pearls Casually For An Everyday Look

brunette woman wearing a white linen shift dress with pearls casually, a stack of pearl and gold bracelets

A girl and her pearls. I don’t know a woman who doesn’t like to wear pearls. Especially here in the south. When you think about wearing your pearls most likely tyou think about pulling out your favorite LBD and getting ready for an event of some sort. Well, I am going to have you think differently about your pearls so that you wear your pearls casually enjoy them.

Are you like me and have beautiful pearls that just sit in the jewelry box/drawer or even in a safe? The last several years most of us will say that we miss getting dressed up, bejeweled, and going out. I know I find that society is so much more casual that you don’t wear your jewelry as often as you used to. So, let’s talk about how we can find ways to enjoy them.

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brunette woman wearing a casual white linen dress, pearl  bracelets and wedge sandals, wear pearls casually

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Wear Your Pearls Casually and Enjoy Them

I always remember the words of wisdom from my Uncle Chik. He was a jewler and watchmaker and always told me that jewlery was bought to be enjoyed and worn. It should not live in a drawer. As a young girl I loved to go to his shop and drool over the jewelry. So I do my best to live up to his advice. I wear the diamond solataire he gave me for my 16th birthday to this day with jeans and shorts. When I do, I know that he is smiling down and laughing. What’s funny is that I wear that diamond solitaire with pearls, paired with jeans and shorts.

So the moral of the story is…..ladies, let’s wear our pearls and other jewelry casually and enjoy them.

When to Wear Pearls

As the late Coco Chanel said “Pearls are perfect for every occasion.” Casual or formal, day or night, pearls can be worn. When and where you are wearing your pearls will determine how you wear them.

If you have really nice pearls that you are “saving for a special occasion”, then pull them out and figure out how to wear them casually. Pearls are a naturally porous gemstone that actually benefit from being worn. Here are some guildelines from the GIA on how to care for your pearls. It’s always good to refresh our memory on how to take care of our things and they are a great source for that and all of your jewelry.

Types of Pearls

Remember there are several types of pearls. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors and prices. There are four main types of pearls

  • Freshwater Pearls. These are the most common and least expensive. They are cultured in freshwater lakes and ponds are are easy to find.
  • Akoya Pearls. These are the classic pearls that we usually conjure up in our minds when we hear the word pearl. These are the most common pearls of jewelry buyers. They are usually white and round. Thus they make great necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.
  • Tahitian Black Pearls. Even thought they are called Tahitian Black pearls they come in a variety of darker colors. Common colors are green, blue, brown, and grey. They are much bigger and more expensive than Akoya pearls.
  • South Sea Pearls. These pearls are rare gems and typically found off of the shores of Austrailia and the Phillipines. They are known for their large size and classic color.

Most of us wear freshwater pearls or we wear something that is manmade to look like pearls. Knowing the different types, colors, and lustres comes in handy as you shop for something that is in your budget and fits your lifestyle

Where To Buy Pearls

You can buy pearls all sorts of places. From department stores to fine jewelry stores there is always a variety of selection and prices. Since pearls have been popular for so many years thanks to Coco Chanel you can find them at vintage clothing shops, antique stores, or even thrift shops.

Tips to Make Your Pearls Look Modern and Up to Date

woman wearing pearls and gold bracelets stacked together to wear pearls casually

Bracelets from Hazen & Co.

  • Layer your pearls with other gold or silver chains. You don’t want them to be matchy matchy.
  • Wear multiple strands of pearls. They can be different sizes, shapes and even colors.
  • Don’t match your pearl necklaces with pearl earrings. Wear gold or silver earrings with your pearl necklaces.
  • Stack your pearl bracelets. Add a gold or silver bracelet in with the pearls.
  • Be bold and wear pearl statement pieces. Wear statement pearl earrings with a seed pearl necklace for variety.

shop for modern looks to wear pearls casually

I have rounded up some modern looking pearl pieces for inspiration. Think about pairing these with some of your favorite casual looks and with pearls that you already have in your jewelry collection.


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