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I am a fan and believer in infrared heat benefits. If you follow me or know me well, then you know that I love a good sweaty session in an infrared sauna. Winter, spring, summer, or fall I am a regular in a sauna. I will admit that cooler months are my favorite time of year for this type of workout or sauna session, but since there are so many benefits I do it year-round. It just makes me feel better.

When I was invited to the new yoga studio in Roswell, Sweatheory ATL, I couldn’t wait to check it out. My experiences there were so good that I wanted to share this new gem of a yoga and fitness studio. Before we dive into all things infrared heat benefits and Sweatheory here are a couple of other posts I have written about wellness and healthy living you might want to check out.

brunette woman enjoying infrared heat benefits at Sweatheory Atlanta

What Is Infrared Heat?

When I tell people that I love to go to the sauna in the summer I know that they roll their eyes. I am sure they wonder about me, but trust me infrared heat is different than the regular saunas. Infrared saunas use infrared lamps to heat the body directly versus all of the air around you. That means that they don’t have to get quite as hot as a regular sauna. So you get to have a great sweat at a lower temperature. Think of it this way. Infrared heat warms your body from the inside out and that is where the benefits come from.

In the case of Sweatheory yoga and fitness studio, there are FAR infrared heat panels on the ceiling of the fitness room. You can see them in the photo above. The temperature of the studio is anywhere from 89-100 degrees depending upon the type of class. So during your practice, it feels more like a dry heat than a humid heat.

Infrared Heat Benefits

People who are fans of infrared heat will say that they experience the following benefits:

  • better sleep
  • relaxation
  • detoxification
  • weight loss
  • joint pain relief
  • clear and tighter skin
  • improved circulation

Why I Like To do Infrared heat workouts

I always feel so good after I do any type of workout in infrared heat. Infrared heat benefits that I experience regularly are relaxation and better sleep. On days that I experience infrared heat, I always sleep like a baby. I will also say that my skin always feels so soft and good after the heat as well.

When I take an infrared heat yoga class I am definitely able to stretch deeper. My body tends to be wound pretty tight. Between sitting at a desk several hours a day and doing other workouts, my muscles need the extra boost that the infrared heat provides.

Sweatheory Atlanta: Why it’s a studio you need to know

From the moment you walk into the studio, you feel welcomed. You can tell that the owners and their staff believe in and love what they do. People attending the classes seem to know one another which gives it a sense of community.

Let’s Meet the Owners of Sweatheory Atlanta

Barbara Doneff and Olivia Doneff are the owners of the Sweatheory ATL studio in Roswell, Georgia. They are a mother-daughter team that welcomes everyone into the studio. You can find their exact location on their website, along with their hours, and class schedule.

Why did you open Sweatheory?

We opened Sweatheory in Roswell because we know how much the community needed a space with multiple wellness services all under one roof. The concept is originally from Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. We wanted to bring the essence of the West Coast to the heart of Roswell. 

Which class or classes would you recommend for someone experiencing infrared heat classes for the first time?  Would you recommend that they do a sauna session at the same time?  If so, why?

We would recommend you start off with one of our slower flows if it is your first time ever doing yoga or an infrared class! If you go on MindBody online or ClassPass you can see all of the Sweatheory classes that we offer.

For your first time in the studio, you can always do a class followed by a sauna or just do one of the services instead of both! It is truly up to you. Both are FAR infrared heat based so you will get a delicious detox in and feel good from head to toe. Most of our members enjoy taking a sauna after class so that they can further their detox and take a nice cold shower at the end of the experience.

FAR infrared heat is the longest wavelength on the infrared spectrum which means it is deeply penetrating 1.5/2 inches into your core. Most people always say they feel different in our studio vs. a traditional ‘hot yoga’ studio. Let me be clear, this is NOT hot yoga. Hot Yoga studios use conventional heat. Conventional heat warms the air while infrared heat warms you directly. So imagine your skin just being very hot and that is why you are sweating vs. your core and internal organs are heating up and blood circulation is increasing and that is why you are sweating. Both are very different and it is important to know one vs. the other. A lot of our members even report feeling no fatigue after but instead invigorated and energized ready to take on the day. 

What other services do you offer at Sweatheory?

We offer infrared yoga, fitness, and pilates classes, infrared sauna sessions in personal rooms with private showers, IV therapy, and IM injections like B12 and Glutathione. 


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read this post. If you are in the north metro Atlanta area, I hope you will stop in and experience infrared heat benefits at Sweatheory.

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