Time for Seersucker

Warm weather equals time for seersucker. Seersucker isn’t just for the boys anymore. Yes, it started out in the early 1900s as a warm weather alternative for men’s suiting. Now you will find it for men and women alike. My husband’s favorite in the heat of the summer is a pair of seersucker shorts.

I love wearing my seersucker jacket in the spring and summer. When other fabrics start to get a little too warm for me I break out this little number from my closet.   There are oh so many ways to style a seersucker jacket, but my favorite is with a pair of white jeans and a colorful cami. Today’s color choice is coral. However, there are so many colors that you can wear under the traditional blue and white.  I am wearing a J. Jill perfect reversible tank from last year, but there are plenty of great colors. If you haven’t worn these camis before they are a great addition to a summertime wardrobe.

Doing a quick search on the subject of seersucker as I was preparing this post produced an interesting article that was published in Town and Country magazine. I learned a few things about seersucker.  I thought I would pass it along so that you too so that you know some quirky things as we enter the time for seersucker this year.


Can’t believe that we are at the middle of April this week.  I am hoping that the pollen count will die down this week so I can get all of my porches and outdoor furniture cleaned up so that we can enjoy some spring weather. Planting some annuals and herbs are also on the agenda for the week.  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates.

Happy Monday. Hope you have a good week.

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