Flattering Swimsuit Styles For Petites That Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Whether you have an amazing beach vacation planned or you are just planning time around the pool you want to look and feel your best in a swimsuit. As a petite, we know that finding specific types of garments can be a little challenging. Finding swimsuit styles for petites that are flattering may be easier than you think. Once you know what to look for you can whittle it down pretty quickly. So are you ready to strut your stuff in the sun?

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brunette woman wearing a swimsuit style for petites that is flattering, floral bikini, white oversized shirt coverup and a white hat standing on a beach with palm trees in the background

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Finding Flattering Swimsuit Styles for Petites

Our goal is to feel confident and comfortable in our swimsuit. I know that as a petite woman, I love for my short legs to look as long as possible at all times. Shoes with a little height are usually my BFF to help with that. However, when I’am in a bathing suit that is not the best choice. So if you are like me and looking for swimsuit styles for petites that make you feel great, your legs look as long as possible, and are comfortable you are in the right place. Once you start looking for the right details, then you will be standing tall and feeling good in your swimsuits.

Whether you are looking for a two piece or a one piece there are details that can give the illusion of height that we all long for. I know that I like to have both styles in my swimsuit stash. You just never know when that opportunity is going to come up to wear them and it’s great to be prepared.

When it comes to swimsuits brands/designers don’t really make petite sizing except for Land’s End and ASOS. Don’t worry if these petite suits are not your cup of tea. Swimsuit styles for petites are easier to find in regular sizing that you think. You just need to know what to look for.

Swimsuit Style Details to Look For

There are a few details that you can train eyes to look for when you are shopping for a swimsuit. Sometimes the swimsuit may only have one of the style details and then another may have multiple. You will jsut need to try on a few and really zone in on which detail makes you feel the best. As petites, we have one thing in common. We are all 5’4″ and under. However, each of us has a unique body.

Yes, we all have body parts that we embrace and love and then we have others that we like to camoflauge as much as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the swimsuit styles for petites that flatter YOUR unique body.

  • A swimsuit that draws the attention to your chest or higher.
  • Let’s elongate the torso.
  • Draw attention to our face.

Here are design features that can help do that.

High Cut Legs

High cut legs on a one piece bathing suit is a short girl’s dream come true for elongating her legs. They will help pull the eye up for sure. You also want to make sure the suit is either solid or a vertical pattern. This just helps even more.

Other details that make a one piece ideal for short girls is a v-neck and thinner straps. Now if you want a one piece with more coverage you can opt for a style like this with a high neck. Here are some great one piece options to shop.

Bikini Tops

Bikini tops come in a few different styles. What you feel most comfortable in is probably going to depend upon your chest size. The most common are halter, balcony, string, and baneau. Some of these styles will also come in underwire versions.

As a busty petite, I love when brands have it so that you can buy your tops and bottoms separately. Makes fit so much easier. The other bonus is then you get to choose the style of bottom that you like best for your body type too. I will show you bottoms to go with these tops below.

Tankini Tops

Tankini tops fare a great option if you don’t feel comfortable baring your torso. They are also a great option if you have a short torso and prefer a one piece look versus a true one piece swimsuit. Tankinis come in various styles as well, just like the bikini top.

What I look for in a tankini is that it can be hemmed easily. I love a top like this one for that reason. It pairs so well with this bottom. The straps are adjustable in the back so the top of the top is not too long either. I have this suit in black and it is very flattering. The suits below would also be very easy to hem and adjust for your body type.

Bikini Bottoms

There are two types of bikini bottoms that work well for petites. Luckily most brands that make bikini separates usually make both styles.

High Waisted Bottoms

High waisted anything is always a short girls best friend. Whether it’s pants, skirts or bathing suit bottoms the higher waist always give the illusion of longer legs. They are also flattering for those of us who have curvier bottom halves.

Low Rise Bottoms

If you are comfortable with showing off your tummy, then go for a low rise bottom for your bikini or tankini top. The low rise bottom will give you that space between the top and bottom, instantly making your torso look longer.

Other Swimsuit Details That Are Great on Petites

Other details that work great on petites are:


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