Classic Black and White for Spring

I am bringing out a classic black and white topper as a great transition piece today. Spring is on our mind, but the weather is still a bit chilly.   With that in mind, I like something with a bit more weight to the fabric.  Spring jackets have a very short timeframe for wear in my wardrobe.  When I purchase spring jackets I make sure to stick  classic styles and colors that are versatile enough for work appropriate attire or a more casual look.

This classic black and white tweed jacket by PerSe/Carlisle Collection has been in my wardrobe for several years. It makes an appearance a few times a year and then goes back into the closet. The classic cut and fabric just don’t seem to show their age. The white is more pronounced in the fabric weave than the black so it helps me feel like I am dressing for spring and staying warm. A couple of similar jackets are here and here.   I have worn black trousers, a black pencil skirt and white jeans as bottom options for this jacket.

The jacket is enough of a statement for me that I just put on a great pair of my favorite black heels (similar here), a silver earring and I am out the door. Sometimes I will add a great silver bracelet since the sleeve length is short enough to display it without it getting stuck under the sleeve.

A rainy weekend is in store for us yet again.   I am so ready to see the sun for several days in a row.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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