How I Start My Day In a Positive Way – Morning Me Time

woman over 50 wearing leopard print pajamas sitting at a desk reading a book for morning me time a lightbox is next to her to help combat the shorter fall and winter days tiredness and she is holding a coffee cup

Morning Me Time really helps me start my day in a positive way.  I have been an early riser since I was a little girl.  Now that I am older I  truly enjoy this time to myself.  Me time is something that I look forward to daily year round, but this time of year as the days grow shorter I bring out my light box for a little extra boost.

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My Me Time Routine

Every morning I get up, take care of the furry kids, eat a small bite, fix myself a cup of tea, and then retreat to my office to sit in front of my Northern Lights light box for 20-30 minutes.  I make the most of this time each morning by sitting and doing my morning meditation to the Headspace app, reading a daily meditation from one of my chosen sources (current favorites here and here) and pondering/praying a bit.  Once those priorities are complete, I then make my “to do/priorities” list for the day.  My timer usually goes off a few minutes later and then I am ready to begin my day.

When I make sure that I do this 20-30 minute routine for me my entire day is so much better.    I feel like I have a plan for the day, I’m more focused, and truly more awake from the bright lights.  Ready for my workout and the day ahead. Oh, by the way all of this is usually complete by 7:30 on weekdays.

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Why I Add a Lightbox For Morning Me Time

A couple of years ago I went in to talk with my doctor about sleep issues and feeling tired during the day.  She suggested I start using a light box as a natural fix.    I then took a saliva hormone test. It showed that I had high levels of melatonin and cortisol at the wrong times of day.  That explained why I was always sluggish and tired during the day and had trouble sleeping at night.  Time in front of the box really helped with regulating my sleeping hormones.

There are many benefits to sitting in front of a light box.   I am linking a great article that explains the uses of the light box from the Mayo Clinic.

If you are one of those people who experience the “winter blues” or have sleep issues it might be something that’s worth a try.  The light is VERY bright and not a flattering color of light for photography, thus pictures for this post were not taken with the light box on.

Thanks for taking the time to read this today.  Please share what helps you have a positive start to your day by dropping a comment below.  I love to hear what works for others.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day.


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  1. I’m a morning person too, Beth, and I enjoyed reading about your routine. What a lovely and productive way to begin your day.

      1. Beth- your wind down to sleep post was so helpful. Got some great ideas from you. Thanks!
        Sweet dreams

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