Midweek Meander No. 4 – It’s Sandal Season

Yippee…..it’s sandal season. For many of us in the US it is now sandal season. Definitely, here in the south. Warmer temps are just synonymous with baring our toes. Yes, that means it is time to keep up the pedicures and make sure there are no chips on the polish since the feet are in full view.

One of my favorite summer sandals is the Bernardo 1946 Miami thong. Today I thought I would share a little bit about this iconic sandal that is a classic closet staple. The reason that they are named Bernardo 1946 is because that is when Bernard Rudofsky, an architect,  first designed what we now know as the modern sandal. Can you believe this brand has been around that long and some of the original designs are still being manufactured? Fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar featured them regularly in the 1950s and 1960s.   Jackie Kennedy was a big fan of the sandals in the 1960s.  You can read more about them in this Wikipedia entry.


Even though the company has gone thru many different owners and ups and downs in quality since the 1940s the brand has now retained its original designs, quality and craftmanship. Two of the original sandal designs that are still manufactured are the Miami which I am wearing and the Lilly. I don’t have as many pairs as Jacki O. supposedly had, but I do have my share of them. In the summer when you see me wearing a pair of shorter shorts most likely I will have on a pair of my Miami sandals.

I shared a couple of my favorite shades of nail polish for my toes this year here and here. What is your favorite color to wear on your toes this sandal season?

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