Fur Trimmed Vintage Coat Sparks Joy For Me

over 50 woman wearing a white knee length vintage coat trimmed in fur at the collar and cuffs black pants and black boots standing in front of a white background

Vintage coat, dress, skirt, or blouse all do the same for me. Yes, they spark joy and make me feel good when I wear them.  Last spring when we had so much time on our hands I really went thru my closet and looked at and touched things that I really loved to wear.   During this “closet time” one thing that stood out was my vintage finds.  So with extra time on my hands this past year, I took the time to shop for and add more vintage finds into my classic wardrobe.

According to Wickipedia, vintage clothing is a generic term for garments originating from another era.  To learn more details about vintage clothing check out their entire description.  Most people consider things 20+ years old a vintage piece.

Styling A Vintage Coat Three Ways

This cream vintage coat that is trimmed in Russian squirrel is one of my most coveted pieces.  I have had it in my wardrobe for several years now and can’t ever imagine getting rid of it.  Every winter I lovingly put it away in a protective cloth hanging bag.  You can read the story of where I found this coat and how I learned that it was trimmed in Russian squirrel by reading this very old post.  Please excuse the poor quality photos.

I am sure that when this coat was designed in the 1960s it was worn with dresses.  My guess is that gloves and a hat were the accessories of choice too.  Today I wanted to give the vintage coat a more updated and current vibe.  All of these looks have been shopped from my closet.   Hopefully they will inspire you to create some fun and interesting looks of your own.

These looks go from a classic look wearing a Missoni dress to an evening out in coated skinny jeans and a silk leopard blouse, to a casual look of black jeans and a classic camel cashmere sweater.

woman over 50 wearing a cream vintage fur trimmed coat walking across a street in a crosswalk in a shopping district brunette over 50 woman wearing a cream vintage coat trimmed in fur with a black and gold dress underneath it brunette over 50 woman wearing a vintage coat trimmed in fur a leopard print blouse and brown pants walking down an outdoor stairway brunette over 50 woman wearing a cream vintage coat trimmed in fur with black pants a camel sweater and a leopard scarf in front of a white Dior store over 50 brunette woman standing in front of a white wall and on a white walkway wearing a cream vintage coat trimmed in fur with black pants, a camel sweater and a leopard scarf


Why I Like To Wear Vintage Finds

Vintage clothes, whether they are only 2o years old or 50+ years old, just add interest and variety to a wardrobe.  The quality of so many of the fabrics is just nearly impossible to find today as well.  Every time I wear some of my treasures I wonder where they have been….parties, special occasions, travels around the world.  Oh, can you just imagine some of the stories.

Wearing a vintage piece pretty much guarantees that no one else in the room or restaurant will have on the same thing as you.  That’s always a bonus in my opinion.  An added bonus is that many times it is a conversation starter since you have such a unique look about you.

Where I Like to Shop For Vintage Finds

You can find vintage pieces online or when out and about at antique or vintage shops.  This past year I have been quite good at finding mine online.  Using my trusty shopping BFF, tape measure, we have been quite successful.  You can read more about my Shopping BFF in this post.  My favorite online sites are The Real Real, Ebay, Poshmark, and Etsy.

I just did a quick search and found a few beautiful things.  Whether you are looking for a classic blazer, a fun summer Hawaiian print dress, or a fur trimmed vintage coat you can find it.  Just remember to shop by your measurements, not your size.  Vintage clothing is usually cut smaller than today’s clothing.

Hope this post sparks some creativity for you and your wardrobe.  Maybe you will find some vintage pieces that you have kept for many years or you will be inspired to add a few to your wardrobe.  Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this post.  Drop a comment below and let me know if you are a vintage lover like myself.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day.



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  1. KAAN AYDIN says:

    As if this coat expresses a historical expression, I said that you have a colorful life that gives you a look that adds color to you with its pure and beautiful stance and style. I can say a proof of this. I wish you a healthy, happy and peaceful spring month.

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