How Is Your Physical Balance?

We hear the word “balance” all of the time in our everyday lives, but how is your physical balance? Do you ever think about working on or improving your balance? There are so many reasons that we should strive for balance in our daily lives, but many times we totally forget about our physical balance.

When planning this post, I came across a great article on “Why Balance Training is So Important?” I encourage you to read the article. Trust me it will only take a couple of minutes and give you lots of “food for thought”. The article also describes a few good balance training exercises that you can incorporate into your life.

I work on my physical balance a few times a week before I start a workout. A quiet spot in an unoccupied group fitness room is my location of choice. You can do simple balance exercises in the privacy of your home too. I just prefer to do them before a workout because it really fires up my leg and glute muscles.

The exercise that I prefer is very similar to the “Be a Tree” described in the article. I like to stand on one foot for as long as I can hold the position. I add a little more challenge to the exercise by placing my foot on an unstable surface. The thick sponge just takes it to another level. I notice even more strengthening going on in my ankles with this challenge addition.  I also go a little further and extend my leg in front of me or behind me to really fire things up.

People may ask me why I do this simple exercise a few times a week. I want to have strong feet and ankles. High heels and I have always had a love affair and I want to be able to wear them confidently for many years to come.  Thus, the main picture for today’s post.

Wishing you a “balanced” Wednesday!

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