Heart Healthy Chicken Salad

Heart healthy chicken salad is a welcome dish especially in the spring and summer months. I was out to lunch with some friends the other day and while we were pouring over the menu to make our slections we talked about how chicken salad and tuna salad can be such a high calorie, high fat choice. I then went on the hunt for a tasty, healthy alternative to share with you.

One of my favorite “go to” websites for healthy alternatives to dishes that we all know and love is Dashing Dish https://www.dashingdish.com/. I just knew that she would have a recipe that would not disappoint. Yes, this one still has fat in it, but it is a heart healthy fat that all of us should consume. The fat is the mighty avocado.  It is full of nutrients and fiber and is tasty on top of it.

Dashing Dish had a few heart healthy chicken salad options.   This is the one that caught my eye and made my mouth water as I read the recipe.  When I made it, it was just as flavorful as I thought it would be.  Avocado Chicken Salad https://dashingdish.com/recipe/avocado-chicken-salad.

This is a great option to keep in the frig for lunch. You can eat it with lettuce if you are watching your carb intake or you could eat it as a wrap. I would also suggest it as an option for a ladies lunch in your home. If serving it over salad all you need to do is add some healthy rolls and fruit for dessert and you have a colorful lunch that everyone will rave about.

I hope that you have enjoyed some of my hearth healthy suggestions this month. Not only do I enjoy cooking, but I really like finding and trying new recipes. Keeping my menus fresh and interesting helps me stay on track with my dietary goals. Let me know if you would like me to continue sharing healthy recipe ideas with you.


Photo is from the Dashing Dish website.



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