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coffee mug with eyelashes painted on it sitting on a bathroom countertop filled with makeup brushes and pink Spatties

I am always looking for ways to change and tweak my beauty routine.  Some products are tried and true so they never leave my bathroom.  Others come and go.  So today I am sharing my latest beauty routine additions and will let you know if they get to stay or not.

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The Spatty

The Spatty sent me some of their products for a recent project.  All I can say is …..Spatty, where have you been all of my life?  These little spatulas come in handy for oh so many things.  As you can see they are front and center in this cute mug where I keep all of my makeup brushes.  The long one is  great for bottles of body lotion.   Think of how hard it is to get the last several pumps.  Not any more.  The medium one is for small containers and bottles (they are sold as a 2 pack).  The smallest Spatty is amazing for lip gloss and the concealers that I use.

I have been using them not only in my bathroom, but in the kitchen too.  Think ketchup and mustard bottles.  Trust me you will find all kinds of ways to use these guys.

Needless to say, the Spatty is here to stay in my household.

Georgia Armani Foundation

Ok, I have to admit I have been using the same Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for several years now and still use it most days this summer.  I kept reading about this Luminous Silk foundation and how flawless it makes your face look.  Well, as soon as I could get into a store this summer to get a sample (didn’t know if I could trust the Sephora foundation matcher) I did.  Yes, I ended up with the one from the foundation matcher after all.

This Luminous Silk foundation has lived up to its hype.  I now wear it every time you see me in photos and I know that I will wear it more this fall and winter.  The look truly is flawless.  I’ll let you know if I have to get a lighter shade for this winter, but I would be willing to shell out the bucks for a second color.

Dr. Teal’s Bath Bombs

Tub time is something that I look forward to many nights a week.  Love to just lay in the tube and listen to my latest audio book  Just a big part of my nighttime wind down routine which I wrote about here.  I usually use dead sea salts  or epsom salts in my bath, but sometimes I like to mix it up and have a few bubbles.  Thought I would try the Dr. Teal’s Bath bombs.  They were OK once you got them out of the tight plastic packaging.  That was the bad part about the experience.  Loved the smell and the fact that they were very moisturizing, but fighting the packaging did nothing to help with the relaxing activity.

Honestly, there are many other brands out there to try.  Guess I’ll keep looking for the perfect bath bomb.  I’ll keep you posted.

Let me know if you try any of my latest beauty routine finds.  If you have a great bath bomb that you like and is reasonably priced please pass it along so I can give it a try.  Any excuse to take a relaxing bath.

Remember to always have a little SAS and class in your day!







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