3 Simple Ways to Add a Merry Holiday Touch to Your Home

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3 Simple Ways to Add Merry Holiday Touch to Your Home

The last few years I have started to simplify the way that I add a holiday touch to our home. There is already so much going on this time of year that we want to enjoy, so why add elaborate decorating to it? And let’s face it, decorating takes time and energy. I still love seeing the holiday decor around the house. However, I try to make it easy to sprinkle around and to take down once the season is over.

Holiday Decorating Minimalized

One of the reasons that this lightbulb went off for me is that we travel around the holidays many years. Living a childfree lifestyle it is nice to get away this time of year. Our home is not full of family and the focus is not on presents so why not get away for a little recharge. Many of my friends with grown children and grandchildren are now finding that they are traveling to see their children versus everyone gathering in the family home and are starting to adopt the same decorating habits.

You can about read why we chose a childfree lifestyle. Not having children changes some things about the holiday season. However, it does not mean that you don’t celebrate. Our celebrations are just a little different than most families.

Another thing that I consider is doing it takes up a lot of storage room. We recently downsized. During that time I looked at all of the things we had accumulated over the years. Did I need to keep them? Were they that sentimental that they were a priority for our smaller storage space?

So let’s take a look at three simple things that you can do to keep you in the spirit of the holidays and not have to spend lots of time and energy putting things up or taking them down. I do still put up a tree along with these simple touches.

Simple Holiday Touch for Your Home

Simple Wreath for the Doors

Yes, let’s keep it simple on the front of the house. A wreath on the front door signals to the neighbors and delivery people that you are in the holiday mood, but without a lot of effort.

You can get beautiful wreathslike this one or this one that are one and done. Just put it on a wreath hanger and you are good to go. Soemtimes you might need to put a simple bow on the wreath. Here is an easy guide to help you with that. If you don’t have the precious storage space for premade wreaths, shop for a live wreath and put a bow on it. They will easily last from Thanksgiving through the holiday season.

Live Holiday Flowers

Who doesn’t love the scent of fresh flowers in their home? It’s a great way to add a special holiday touch to your kitchen. I always love the scent of fresh rosemary near my cooktop. Plus it also makes it easy to snip a piece or two to add to whatever you are cooking.

Amaryllis and Paper Whites just make you think of the holidays. You can find kits that will have everything that you need to get them started so that they bloom before Christmas. You can also buy them preplanted and ready to sit out on your countertop. Then, all you have to do is wait for them to bloom.

Holiday Throw Pillow

It’s so easy to add a throw pillow here and there throughout the house. Maybe add them into a room where you used to have an additional Christmas tree or elaborate decorations – like your formal living or dining room.

Another spot that I love to have them is in my favorite reading nook. Just having that pop of holiday decor in a room makes the holiday spirit come alive.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out how I have minimalized some of the holiday decorating in our home. Whether you are an empty nester and finding yourself with an empty nest this year or are childfree and finding yourself traveling, just know you can still decorate. It just may be a little different than you have done in the past.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I should at least put a wreath on our front door!! That is a great idea,

    1. Yes, Jodie. It’s so easy and doesn’t take up much storage. It at least lets everyone that passes by know that are not Bah humbung. Designer friends of mine who are always so busy taking care of other’s decorations say that is all that they do many years.

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