Sofwave Treatment For A More Youthful Look and Glow

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As we age, it seems as if something “sticks out” to us about our faces. It can be our undereye area, crow’s feet, smile lines, or necks. Others may not notice it, but we see our own faces in a different way than others do. We look at it every day as we put on and take off our makeup. If you are like me you do that with a magnifying mirror too. That makes things even more pronounced. Sound familiar? When Sofwave reached out to me about working with them I was happy to make room on my calendar to meet with a local plastic surgeon’s office.

If you follow me, then you know that I recently had facial balancing fillers and injectables done for the first time. The injector I used for that felt as if the Sofwave treatment would enhance those. So needless to say, I was excited to experience this acclaimed skin-tightening treatment.

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What Is Sofwave?

Sofwave is a device that uses Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beach Technology (SUPERBTM) to revitalize the skin in an innovative way to stimulate the skin to produce new collagen. This technology generates heat 1.5mm below the surface of the skin to the area of our dermal layer where collagen is produced. It does it in such a way that the surface of the skin is not affected. This procedure is FDA-cleared to lift the eyebrow, submental(under your chin and jawline) and neck, and to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Sofwave Treatment Benefits

  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Quick in-office procedure – no one even has to know you are going
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts the eyebrow
  • Can be used on all skin types and skin tones
  • Improves the texture of the skin under your chin and neck
  • Can treat one specific area or your full face and neck

What To Expect During Your Treatment Appointment

A visit was scheduled with Dr. Theresa Jarmuz of Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery for my treatment appointment. I had been to her practice in the past for other treatments and knew that I was in experienced hands. She is known in Atlanta for being a go-to doctor for antiaging procedures as well as for surgical treatments.

How To Prepare For the Treatment

There really isn’t any preparation for your treatment appointment. I wore makeup to my appointment because I had made some stops along the way before arriving at the doctor’s office.

I removed my makeup before the nurse put numbing cream on my face. Then I sat for thirty to forty-five minutes with the cream on my face prior to the treatment.

Sofwave machine

What The Treatment Appointment Is Like

Once my face was nice and numb it was time to put the Sofwave machine into action. Before starting the procedure they covered my face and neck with ultrasound gel. The practitioner, Joahanna Strong MSN, NP-BC, showed me the handpiece for the device that they would be putting against my skin and explained what it would feel like. Next, she gave me a ball that I could hold in one hand and a small metal device with a ball on it.

She suggested that I use the metal device on the opposite side of my face or neck where the handpiece was doing its thing. This was to distract me from the sensations produced by the handpiece. Now it was time to begin. If you notice on the photo of the machine above there is a large screen where they can customize the energy to your skin type and goals. We started with my neck.

My Description Of The Treatment

She put the handpiece on one area of my neck. The machine beeped, and all of a sudden heat came from the plate next to my skin, it got more intense, then all of a sudden the machine beeped again and it started to cool down. That lasted for about thirty seconds. I will admit that the heat becomes quite intense and I would really squeeze the ball towards the end.

She then moved to the next section of my neck and continued to do so until one side of my neck was complete. It was done in three or four sections. Then we changed to the other side of my neck. She did two passes on each side of my neck. Then we moved on to my face where she repeated the same process at my jawline, under my eyes, and at my eyebrows.

Some areas of my face and neck were more sensitive to the sensations produced by the handpiece than others. She would adjust the machine according to the area that she was working on so that I got the most benefit from the treatment. At times, I would really squeeze the ball and sometimes I just needed a few seconds to catch my breath before the next pass. The entire procedure took about 45-50 minutes.

My face was a little red post-treatment, but there was absolutely zero discomfort.

Sofwave Treatment Before And After Photos

Now what everyone is curious about? What did I look like prior to the treatment and after one month? I will say that I can’t wait to do side-by-side photos after three months (12 weeks) which is when the creation of new collagen and restructuring of existing collagen happens.

sofwave before and after photos on brunette woman in her mid 50s

Post Treatment Care

I was told that there would be no downtime with the treatment. My face was a little red afterward. I had the procedure done mid-afternoon. If I had had plans that evening I could have put on my regular light foundation and nobody would have known. Instead, I stayed in that evening and just went about my normal nighttime skin routine. There were zero side effects from the treatment.

My Final Thoughts On The Sofwave Treatment

I knew that I might see some changes and improvements in the first month after the treatment. The thing that I noticed about my face after two weeks is that my skin was just glowing. It was clear and just looked so vibrant and healthy. I could tell that my undereye area appeared smoother.

When I saw the before and after photos side by side I could tell more. There are no drastic changes in my face and neck after a month, but just very subtle changes. In my late 50s, I know that my healthy lifestyle and good skincare routine are a must. That combined with a treatment like Sofwave will help my body to maintain the collagen and elastin in my skin. I know that the subtle changes will continue to improve since it can take three months (12 weeks) for Sofwave’s benefits to kick in. I can’t wait to see ALL of the results in two more months.

Three Months Post Procedure Results

I am updating this post just as I had the three month post procedure photographs done. Looking at yourself in the mirror every day it is sometimes difficult to see the subtle changes in your skin and face. Photographs truly tell the story.

What I had recognized looking at myself in the mirror the last two months is that my skin now has a beautiful glow to it. It is just brighter and more youthful looking. I also felt like the marionette lines near my mouth were not as deep.

When we were analyzing the photos side by side, the practitioner and I could definitely tell that my eyebrows were higher, the marionette lines were softer, and the area under my chin was tighter. What Joahanna could not get over was the glow to my skin. It is just so radiant. Here are the photos so that you can see what we noticed.

3 side by side photographs of a brunette woman who has had Sofwave done

Where To Experience Sofwave Near You

If you are in the Atlanta metro area, I would recommend consulting with Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery. If you are elsewhere, then you can click this link to find a provider near you.

Regarding the cost of the treatment. That can vary by region where you are having it done. Also, keep in mind that many patients will just go in for one specific area so costs are based upon what you are having done.


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. I hope that this review helped answer some questions about the Sofwave treatment. I am happy with my one month post- procedure results and can’t wait to see what they are after three months when everything kicks in.

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Updated October 2023.

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