How I Rejuvenated My Neck With Dysport, Plus A Surprise Bonus

mid life woman sitting in a chair with a facial plastic surgeon sitting next to her to inject her neck with dysport

I always tell a friend of mine that it is good and bad at having to look at photos of yourself all of the time as I do. Yes, as a content creator photos are a big part of the job. As a woman who always watches her weight, it serves as a constant check-in for me. For me, that is a positive. The negative is that you do notice every little thing about yourself. And that can be good and bad, just depends upon how much it bothers you. That is how I noticed my neck and eventually, it led to treating my neck with Dysport.

Before I take you on my neck treatment journey, there are a few other posts that you might find interesting. I believe in taking care of my skin and myself to be the best version that I can be. So I enjoy sharing how I like to do that with others.

brunette woman meeting with a female doctor talking about neck dysport
Me with Dr. Theresa Jarmuz reviewing my consultation photographs.

My Neck Treatment Story

I recently went into Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery for a consultation with Dr. Theresa Jarmuz. It was a very thorough consultation. We talked about my age and areas of my face that I had concerns with, and then she shared her thoughts with me. With special imaging that she can do, she could tell if and where I was starting to lose collagen in my face.

Then we started talking about my neck. The two vertical muscles in my neck became the topic of discussion. I have a longish, thin neck so they can be more pronounced. Her recommendation was to treat the neck muscles with dysport so that they would relax and I would adapt new muscle memory so that I would not use them in the same way that I had in the past. She also recommended injecting some dysport into my chin. All of the muscles are interconnected when you are making certain facial expressions.

brunette woman having her neck injected with dypsort 03

What is Neck Dysport?

Neck Dysport is an injection of Dysport into the neck. It’s purpose is to relax the muscle bands that are sticking out. Thus, it improves the contour of the neck. Once the muscles has flattened out you create new muscle memory so that you don’t continue to make the same facial expressions.

Benefits of Neck Dysport

  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Flattens out the vertical neck muscles.
  • Helps you to create new muscle memory so that you don’t use the muscles when making certain facial expressions.

What to Expect When You Get Neck Dysport

We always like to be prepared for any type of proedure that we are going to have so I thought I would walk you through my appointment.

How to Prepare for the Treatment

This isn’t really an appointment that you have to prepare for. You could easily do this on a lunch hour. You just want to make sure that you have on a shirt that they can easily get to the area that is going to be injected. As you can see in the photos I did not change out of what I wore into the office that day.

Getting the Treatment – What to Expect

The injections only take a few minutes. Dr. Jarmuz suggested that we use some numbing cream on the areas that we were going to inject. Allowing the numbing cream to activate took longer than the actual injections.

I actually started seeing a difference in my neck within a few days. She suggested that I make the same scowling facial expression daily and I recorded those on my phone so that I could see the progression. Within 10 days, the injections had fully taken affect. I did go back into the office after two weeks. One side of my neck was a little more stubborn than the other and needed a little extra Dysport. Once I had the touchup done, both sides of the neck looked alike within a couple of days.

Post Treatment Care

This is something that you should discuss with the healthcare provider that does your injections. Typically they will tell you not to do anything strenuous for 24 hours post-procedure. You may have a little bruising. You can ice it or do as I did, just cover it up with a little concealer.

Tips to Make Your Treatment Last Longer

How long your injectibles last can vary. It depends upon the area that you have injected and your biological response to the treatment. There are a few things that you can do to help the results last a little longer. They are things that help keep our skin and appearance looking good in general as well.

  • Use sunscreen daily.
  • Develop a good am and pm skincare routine.
  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

The Surprise Bonus of Treating My Neck with Dysport

Working out four to five times a week is a very important segment of my healthy lifestyle. I always aim for five, but sometimes life gets in the way. My body needs some recovery days now that I am in my mid-50s. I do like to do yoga and mat pilates each week as part of my routine and consider them recovery workouts for my body. Much to my surprise when I went to do a mat pilates class about a week after my injections I felt a strange sensation in my neck.

If you ever do any type of group classes or one on one training, then you have heard time and time again not to use your neck when doing core work. I think that so many times we “think” that we are not using our neck muscles, but they are engaged.

Well, I had to release my neck and lay my head down on my mat. I then reengaged my core and had to adjust my neck so that I was not engaging the muscles. I felt that pilates class and subsequent classes different in my abdominal muscles since I am not able to engage my neck muscles like I used to.

Not realizing how much I used my neck muscles when working out not only in classes but also when I lift weights was quite a surprise. I consider it a good surprise. Now I know that I am engaging my core even more.


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, this post helped answer some questions that you might have about your neck and a possible treatment option. I will tell anyone that my goal in life is to age gracefully and always look like me.

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  1. Pamela Wall says:

    Great info about the SCM muscles and the use of Dysport for those big neck muscles. I have the same issue from all the working out and overuse of the sternoclydomastoid muscles. I will ask the Dr.’s office I go to about it. Thanks!

    1. What’s funny is that I had noticed them on myself in the past in photos. Didn’t realize that I could do something about them. They have flattened out nicely. Hopefully it will just take the one treatment to create the new muscle memory. My core is much more engaged during mat pilates now.

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