How to Style Plaid with Pizazz

woman over 50 wearing a black cream and grey plaid blouse with a black faux fur vest and coated black jeans thus styling plaid with pizazz

Plaid with Pizazz.  Yes, today I want to help give you some ideas on how to take your plaid and add some pizazz.

Over the years of selling clothing to women I have found that you are either a fan of plaid or you avoid it like the plague.  I have to admit that until a few years ago you didn’t find any in my closet.  Now I am slowly adding a few pieces.  Not all plaids are created equal and honestly I am always looking for a more subdued colorway or small plaid personally.

Plaid comes in so many colorways and patterns these days. There are so many options out there so it is really about finding the one that is right for you and your comfort zone so that you will get creative and style it with pizazz.  If you are a plaid lover you will find this article interesting.  It will explain the main types of plaids and what makes each of them unique.

How I Styled Plaid with Pizazz this Fall

When I saw this cute puff sleeve black, cream and grey flannel shirt I knew that I could make it look much more interesting than just a flannel shirt.  Normally I think of a flannel shirt as something I wear around the house or out very casually with jeans.  This one just had a little more oomph to for some reason.

woman over 50 wearing a black, cream, and grey plaid shirt with a black faux fur vest on top of it thus styling plaid with pizazz

Plaid blouse | Vest | Jeans | Belt (old Carlisle, from my closet)

So once I got the shirt I knew that a great faux fur vest and black coated jeans would just take this cute flannel shirt up a notch.  I added a belt with Swarovski crystals for a little subdued bling.  Now I knew that we could easily pop this with a little red.  Great addition for the month of December or February for most of us.  You could easily do that with a handbag or shoes.  Below I styled two different combinations.

woman over 50 wearing a black cream and grey plaid blouse topped with a black faux fur vest and coated jeans plaid with pizazz

So which do you prefer the red shoed or the red handbag for the pop of color?  I like both options.  It just depends upon what you have and feel your best in honestly.  As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Sarah Flint pumps which is what I am wearing.  You can read more about the brand here.

Other Ways to Style Plaid with Pizazz

Ok, let’s say you are not a fan of plaid on your body.  Here’s a few other ideas to add this beautiful pattern into your wardrobe so that there’s a little more interest.

  • Shoes.  Yes, there are cute plaid shoes out there.  From ballet slippers to pumps and boots.  This little bit of pattern with a solid top and bottom add interest and you won’t feel overwhelmed by it.  Just think a great pair of wool trousers you love paired with a cozy sweater with a pop of plaid on your feet.
  • Handbags.  Yes, there are cute plaid handbags out there.  Just think Burberry has been making them forever and they are such a classic.  Many other designers make much more affordable options and they can be a great compliments to so many other fabrics.
  • Scarves or Wraps.  Again think Burberry scarves.  Another more affordable brand is Barbour.  They make several different plaids and offer some nice colorways.  A great addition to your fall or winter jacket.

I’ve rounded up some pieces that would be great additions for someone that needs to add a little plaid to their wardrobe.  If you want suggestions as to how to add pizazz to any piece, just drop me a comment below or email me and I would be happy to come up with some fun ideas.

Amazing Faux Fur Vest

Now I have to say a few words about this AMAZING faux fur vest that I am wearing to give my plaid some pizazz.  I have to admit that I do love my real fur pieces, but honestly I am careful as to when and where I wear them these days.  So I started doing some research last year and finally decided to take the plunge with a piece by Fabulous Furs.  I thought a vest would be a great way to see how I liked faux fur.  Well, I must say that this will not be my only piece by them.  They make so many great vests, coats, and accessories.  The vest that I am wearing looks and feels so real that I am sure it will get outside much more often than my real pieces.  It fit true to size and is incredibly warm and the pricepoint is very friendly for a winter coat.


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    How funny, because I was the same way. I had no plaid in my closet for the longest time, but it’s been working its way in now. I think it’s a fun way to add that yin and yang to a look.
    And that vest is spectacular Beth,

    1. Funny how we all of a sudden add something new into our wardrobes and finally realize that we have been missing out. This vest is my first venture into faux fur and it was a good one. It looks so real in person and you don’t have to be nervous about wearing it.

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