It’s Time To Get 2019 Started

We are officially a few days into the New Year now. I can tell that the holiday season is truly over….. schools are back in session, traffic is back, and the gym is crowded. Guess that means that 2019 is in full swing and it’s time to get back to work.

Thought this would be a good time to pull out a couple of timeless classics from the wardrobe for the first day of back to work for many of us. A good pair of wool trousers, a black turtleneck, and your tried and true favorite black pumps and one is good to go. Simple and easy.

Today’s slacks are truly one of my timeless classics. When cleaning closets a couple of years ago as we were getting ready for a home renovation project, I found these tucked in the back of a guest bedroom closet where I usually have my ready for donation pile. I looked at them and thought to myself “why on earth are you getting rid of these”. The fabric is beautiful, they are lined, they have a wider leg, and they are a great basic. I then had to think about their age and when I was that “size”. I must admit that these slacks have been in one of the closets of my home for about 10 years now. It tried them on, took them to the seamstress for a couple of tweaks and now they are back in my closet to enjoy.

Classic pieces are just that. Timeless. These pair beautifully with black, cream, or even a green. They can be worn to work, out to a luncheon, or even dinner all with just a change of top. Guess the morale of the story is that if you have a timeless piece, don’t get rid of it if you like it. You can always have a few tweaks done by your seamstress and you have something “new” to wear.

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