The Best Hair Dryers And Styling Products To Make Fine Hair Look Fabulous

brunette woman with fine hair dressed in pink pajamas holding a hair dryer

Fine hair can be soft and silky. But at the same time, it can be as flat as flat can be. If you have fine, straight hair then you know what I’m talking about. It just sticks to your head unless you really work it

That is exactly how I describe my fine hair. It is soft, silky, and healthy. Over the years, I have learned that with the right hair dryer and styling products, I can add volume to my fine hair. So today I am going to share my ongoing quest for the best hair dryers and styling products out there to make us look like we have a full, thick head of hair.

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brunette woman with freshly styled fine hair holding a T3 hair dryer
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Hair Dryers And Styling Products That Will Have You Loving Your Fine Hair

When you have fine hair you have to be more careful than those who were blessed with a head of full, thick hair. Fine hair is more delicate and prone to damage. That is why I am constantly seeking the best hair dryer and styling products for my hair. Our hair is something that we wear EVERY day so we want it to look its best even if it can be a challenge for us.

Hair Dryers That Work For Our Hair Type

My Favorite Hair Dryer

The T3 Featherweight dryer has been my hair’s BFF for several years now. My hair and I like it so much that I even got the compact version to take with me when we travel.

First and foremost, I love that this hair dryer is lightweight and has a long cord. Drying and styling your own hair is not always the easiest task so why not have tools that make it easier. Also, this dryerhas so many heat and speed options that you can easily find the one that works for your hair. I usually have the heat at a medium setting and I don’t have to go full speed to dry my hair quickly.

Another thing that is important to me is that the cool button is easy for me to switch to. I like to use a ceramic round brush when I dry my hair and once a section is dry I switch to the cool setting to finish things off.

You can find this hair dryer at Nordstrom, Sephora, or Amazon.

Other Hair Dryers That Are Good For Our Hair Type

When I was preparing this post I looked around to see if there were some other dryers that I should make sure that I knew about. Here are a few that kept coming up as great for fine hair.

The Conair Infiniti Pro is a great budget-friendly option. Pros that I read are that it has ionic technology which is really good for fine hair and that it comes with optional attachments. The big negative is that it is a heavy hair dryer.

The Drybar Buttercup is a powerful ionic technology hair dryer that is known for its professional blowout capabilities. It delivers a frizz-free, shiny head of hair and is lightweight. It is priced similar to the T3 hair dryer that I use.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light hair dryer is one that is known for drying your hair fast. It is a professional-grade hair dryer that has ionic technology. Its professional-grade motor is what enables it to dry your hair much faster. If you have fine hair that takes you a long time to dry it, then this might be a great hair dryer for you to try. With the speed and more powerful motor comes a higher price tag.

Styling Products That Work For Our Hair Type

Styling products for fine hair can be tricky. We want and need to use them on our fine hair, but they can so easily weigh it down. You can’t use too little or your hair won’t hold styling. If you use too much it weighs your hair down and is sticky.

I am always seeking to find that perfect balance. What I have found is that sometimes you need to change things up. Think hair cycling. I am a firm believer in having different shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that I cycle through.

Here are some of the best combinations of products that I have figured out for my fine hair. The combinations are a good balance to get the results that we all want. A head of hair that looks fuller and thicker.

Amika Plus Size Volume Mousse

This mousse from Amika is what I defer to on the days that I need to “bring out the big guns” when it comes to styling products. I just use a small amount of it and work it into the roots of my hair. I then use the Amika Brooklyn Bombshell to spray on my hair and spread out to the ends.

Living Proof Full Texturizing Foam

This texturizing foam is another one that I like to use just at the roots of my hair to create volume. Once I work in the foam, I then put use a very small amount of the Living Proof Thickening Blow Dry Cream with a few pumps of Alterna Caviar Volume Styling Mist in the palm of my hand. Once I mix them thoroughly I run them through the ends of my hair. That combination just really makes my ends look fuller.

Finishing Touches For Fine Hair

One of the things that I make sure that I do with my fine hair once I have finished drying and styling my hair is to use a texturizing spray. As the stylist that cuts my hair always says – we have to add a little grit to your hair. Again, this is something that I just put at the roots in sporadic places. I will pull up a section of hair and spray in near the root and go around my head doing that. It adds volume and “dirties it up” so that the styling will last a little longer. After that, I use hair spray. Remember I am a southern lady and we do like our hair spray. My favorites that do no weigh my hair down are Amika Headstrong and Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray.

One last tip. This helps the crown of my hair to have a little extra fullness. Yes, I use a teasing brush. A quick tease with a teasing brush and then lay it back down will give your grown that extra little lift. You can even use a squirt of texturizing spray on it to give it a little extra help. You’re welcome.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks for stopping by and reading all about hair today. We must have fine hair in common or you wouldn’t have gotten down to this paragraph. I hope that it helped you find some new products that will have you loving your hair.

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