Women’s UPF Clothing: Perfect Pieces For Packing This Summer

brunette woman wearing a long sleeved blue shirt and coral skirt that is UPF woimen's clothing

Summer is the time of year that all of us are heading somewhere to soak up the sun. I don’t know about you, but as I have aged the amount of sun that I let my skin soak up has greatly diminished. Yes, I still love my trips to the beach; however, umbrellas, higher SPF lotions, sun hats, and UPF clothing now go with me. The last few years I have started adding more UPF women’s clothing to my closet. Trust me. It is stylish and I am going to convince you to include it in your suitcase every time that you go away and enjoy the great outdoors.

Don’t think that UPF clothing is just for sporting activities like golf and tennis or even hiking. There are great pieces that you can have with you for sightseeing and going out for dinner.

Before we dive into all things womens’ UPF clothing here are a few other petite friendly fashion posts that you might want to check out.

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brunette woman holding a blue shirt, wearing a white tank and coral skort, all are women's upf clothing

Shirt | Tank | Skort (my shirt and skort are 2022, but linked same style)

Women’s UPF Clothing You Will Love Wearing

We have so many options when it comes to clothing. When I am going to be spending lots of time in the sun I choose to wear UPF 50 clothing. Just like I never go without my sunscreen. There are a few brands I turn to when I am looking for something I know will protect my skin and have me looking cute and sassy.

What is UPF clothing?

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) clothing is sun protective clothing specifically designed for sun protection. It is produced from a fabric rated for its level of ultraviolet protection. The UPF factor (the # behind the UPF on the label) is how you know how much Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) allows to reach your skin.

So how do you know what clothing you should buy? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a fabric must have a UPF of 30 to qualify for its Seal of Recommendation. So a UPF of 30 to 49 offers good coverage for your skin. If the label has a UPF of 50, then you know that it is rated as excellent and will block 98% of the sun’s rays where it covers your body.

Sunscreen and UPF Clothing

Wearing UPF clothing help keep the sun’s rays from penentrating your body parts that are covered. For the rest of your body, remember to reapply every two hours. Yes, think of your face, neck, hands, and feet. You can read about my dermatologist’s top recommended face sunscreens here. I never leave home without it.

Does All Clothing Protect You The Same?

Just like any type of clothing, women’s UPF clothing has some things that you should look for when you are making a purchase. Most brands will give you lots of options so keep these things in mind.

  • Color. Believe it or not you want to go for dark or bright colors. The reason being is that the colors will soak up more of the UV rays versus letting them penetrate.
  • UPF. You always want to look for the number and get clothing that is UPF 50 and has the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation for the best protection.
  • Construction. Look for densely woven fabrics versus sheer loosely woven fabrics. Make sure you can’t see thru the fabric. If you can see through it, then the sun can penetrate your skin through it. Most brands will use fabrics that are moisture wicking and breathable so that you are able to stay cool on hot, sunny days.
  • Coverage. The more coverage, the better. When you are going to be outdoors think long sleeves, higher necklines, longer skirts and dresses, or even pants.

My Choices for UPF Clothing


women's upf clothing, woman wearing a straw hat and long sleeved cover up with a hood sitting on the side of a pool

Coverup | Hat c/o

Health, happiness and life in the sun is what Coolibar is all about. You can read more about their mission, guarantee, and what makes their fabrics so good here. Whether I am off on a trip to the beach or the mountains they have something that will work for my outdoor time, day or evening.

This wrap is a great piece to have. It works for the beach, over your shoulders at dinner, or on the plane. I also love the versatility of this piece. I am wearing it as a skirt, but you can also tie it into a dress.

patterned midi skirt in coral and pink and coral top are women's upf clothing

Tank | Skirt | Hat | Sandals

Coolibar has so many pieces that can fit into your lifestyle. Here are pieces that I either own or would see myself wearing when I am looking for extra protection from the sun.

Coolibar Hats

Coolibar is my go to brand for sun hats and has been for years. I love that most of them are adjustable sizing so that they fit my small head. So many of them are also packable which is a must for travel. Here are some of my favorite styles of hats.

Cabana Life

women's UPF clothing coral and pink shift dress

Dress | Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom | Hat c/o

The two female owners of Cabana Life love to design UPF women’s clothing that you will love to wear. Their goal is to spread awareness about skin cancer and how you can protect yourself from the sun. Their collections are full of vibrant colors, preppy patterns, and flatering silhouettes. One thing that I love is that they even have a section of petite friendly pieces.

So if you are looking for some cute dresses to wear and be sun safe at the same time, the this is the place you will find something. I must add that one thing I really like about this line is that when they make a style, they make it in several colors/patterns. So if you find something that you really like you can always find another colorway.

They also have great bathing suit options

Tommy Bahama

Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom | Coverup | Hat c/o

When I think of Tommy Bahama clothing, I always think of the tropics. Great designs with beautiful colors and patterns that just make you want to get out and enjoy the warm weather. I love wearing bathing suits that I know are UPF 50 to protect my skin and look great at the same time. They offer multiple style options for tops and bottoms in each collectio that they do. That makes it so that you can find something appropriate for your body type.

I am a bikini girl, but I will say that this tankini top and bottom is great for times that you want a little more coverage. The ruffles on the top really make it. Here are some great UPF 50 options from their current collection.


As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet to read today. I really appreciate it. If you haven’t incorporated UPF clothing into your wardrobe, then I hope this post helped to shed some light as to its importance for our sun safety. Gotta do everything that we can to keep our skin healthy and from aging prematurely.

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Updated June 2023.

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