Winter Dry Skin Woes

I start singing the winter dry  skin woes this time of the year. How about you? I drink my weight in ounces of water each and every day, but still my body needs more moisture.

An emphasis has been placed on natural beauty and wellness the last few years. Recently I was reading an article about that and I realized that to help with my winter dry skin woes I have been using natural products for years. There are so many natural products out there that have been around forever and sometimes they just get overlooked.

My favorite skin moisturizer in the winter is 100% Organic Jojoba oil. Before bedtime I oil myself from head to toe and put on long sleeved PJs. The next morning my skin always feels so soft and refreshed from the big drink of oil that it has absorbed. If my face is feeling particularly dry I slather a layer on it as well, including giving my eyelids a little drink.

Shae butter is my choice for my hands and feet. I put on a pair of moisturizing socks once I have put a good thick coating on my feet. As long as I do this rather regularly my heels are in good shape when I go in for a pedicure. The same company has a great pair of moisturizing gloves. For some reason, mine never stay on the entire night and I find them in the covers.

Jojoba Oil and Shae butter products have been around for years and are totally natural and inexpensive compared to many in the marketplace. I hope you will give them a try this winter.

Extras in the Photos:

The beautiful tabby in the pictures is Heidi. She is my eleven year old princess. I disturbed her nap on the bathroom ottoman when we shot these photos. It is one of her favorite winter sleeping spots. The “photobomber” is Wally. He has to be a part of everything. He is our baby who will soon be three.

Here’s to happy, healthy, moisturized skin…

Outfit Details:  Sweater, leggings, and slippers.


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