What To Buy At the Dermstore Sale: Time For a Beauty Refresh

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Dermstore is my go-to website when I shop for all things skincare, haircare, and body care. The Dermstore sale is happening May 22-31, 2024. This is their Summer Sale so we can celebrate with up to 20% off with them.

Sale time signals to me that it’s time to take inventory. See what is working in my routines so I can replenish while it’s on sale or bring in a new product.

I have written some other beauty posts that might help you decide on some products you are looking for. You can check them out by clicking on the title below.

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Things To Add To Cart From The Dermstore Sale

If you are unfamiliar with shopping at Dermstore, you are in for a treat. I started buying from them years ago when I needed products that I normally purchased at a medical spa or doctor’s office. You will find many professional skincare brands on the site, as well as, prestige and luxury skincare brands. They also have a great selection of haircare products. Last but not least, they have several devices to enhance your at-home beauty routine and cosmetics.

They have fast shipping and an easy return policy, and carry many of my favorite brands. What more can a girl ask for?

There are so many products included in the Dermstore sale, but below are things that go into my cart.

Products I Use and Buy On Repeat

Ok, I am going to break this down into three categories since I buy skincare, haircare, and other things from this site.

HairCare products

Alterna – 20% off with code

Alterna makes a great Volume styling mist that I mix with the Living Proof Full thickening cream to put in the ends of my hair.

Oribe – 20% Off with Code

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Hair Spray is a summer holy grail hair product for me. If you live or vacation where there is high humidity you will want this with you. I also like to use their texturizing spray at my roots before I use the hair spray. It helps to keep the body I love to have in the crown of my hair.

This color touch-up spray is a new product for me that I can’t wait to start using to extend my root touchups. I have read so many good reviews.

Christophe Robin – 20% off with code

This Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is a once a week must for my hair. It helps with all of the product build-up so that my hair always looks its best and my scalp stays healthy. I pair this weekly shampoo with the Conditioner Gelee With Sea Minerals.

Olaplex – 20% Off With Code

When my hair is feeling a bit dry I pull out the Olaplex products. I found the No. 4 Bond Maintenance shampoo and the No. 5 Bond Maintenance conditioner to rehydrate my hair.

T3 – 20% Off With Code

I have used T3 hair dryers for years on my fine hair. I love the way that I can adjust the heat. Their cool air button option when I am styling my hair is so handy. I use the Professional version at home and even have a small travel dryer I take with me when we travel. I don’t like to use a hair dryer that is too hot on my hair or it just seems to damage it.

Skincare Products

EltaMD – 20% Off With Code

EltaMd has so many good sunscreens. They are the #1 sunscreen that my dermatologist recommends. I like this tinted moisturizer. My husband prefers this clear sunscreen.

Neocutis – 20% Off With Code

I use this Illuminating Tightening Eye cream every morning. I keep it in the frig and it feels so good when it goes on. It is good for aging skin, has caffeine in it to help with de-puffing and Vitamin C.

Colorscience – 20% Off With Code

When the sun is out I always have a powder sunscreen touchup with me. This brush from Colorscience is always in my bag.

Elemis – 20% Off With Code

This cleansing balm is relatively new to my nighttime skincare routine. My skin and I both love it. Not only does it feel good when it goes on, but my skin is so soft after I use it. When it is sale time I always like to try something new. This nighttime cream is going to be my new addition.

Caudalie – 15% Off With Code

On a recent visit to Sephora, my go to girl there convinced me to try this eye cream to use at night. She told me to ensure that I started at the inside corner of my eye and swept outward. Don’t reverse directions. She also highly recommended all of the Resveratrol products for more mature skin.

Eminence – 20% Off With Code

Face mask time is in my schedule every week, two times a week. I jokingly say that I do them on Church days, Wednesday and Sunday. Eminence makes some of my favorite masks. I love that they are made with organic ingredients. This is my favorite hydrating mask. I love the smell of it in the spring and summer. This mask is great when your skin needs a little exfoliation.

Other Beauty-Related Products

Beauty Blender – 20% Off With Code

Once you get the process down of using one of these you will love the way your foundation looks. I also like to use the pointy end when I blend in my under eye concealer.

Slip – 20% Off With Code

I sleep on a Slip pillowcase every night and have for years now. Not only does it make my hair happy, but it also makes my skin happy. Yes, they are a bit pricey however, they will last me for years. I wash them on delicate with a delicate wash detergent.

They also make great silk scrunchies. I like to pull my long hair away from my face when cleansing and while I sleep. These are so gentle on the hair. Yes, I also have one of their silk eye masks for those days you want or need to block everything out to get into a deep sleep. Both of these items are also great gifts.

Dermstore Rewards Program

I have been a part of their rewards program for years and would highly recommend that you sign up for it. You earn $1 for every $5 you spend. The dollars add up and you can redeem them for dollars off your purchase. I always save them up and use them on a new product that I am wanting to try.

Many times there will be promotions on specific brands and you will get bonus points. During this Dermstore sale, some brands such as Revision Skincare, Supergoop, and Eminence Organic Skincare are 3x points since they are not part of the sale.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post about some of my favorite personal care products. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, you found a new product to try during the Dermstore Sale. If you have questions about any of the products that I use please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you quickly. I get notifications when comments are left on any of my posts.

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