Theresa Delgado Scarf Review: A Wearable Work of Art

woman over 50 wearing a black dress and holding up a Theresa Delgado silk scarf that is a beach scene

Theresa Delgado scarves make your everyday style look effortless and elevated.  Now who doesn’t want to look and feel that way on a regular basis??? I am a true believer in that if you look good, you feel good.  That translates into displaying a level of confidence that other people instantly recognize.

woman over 50 looking at herself in the mirror whiles she ties a Theresa Delgado scarf into a knot to wear around her neck

Steps to Paradise Scarf

How to Wear a Silk Scarf

A beautiful silk scarf is something that needs to speak to you personally when you are adding it to your wardrobe.  That is what makes any outfit personal.  The patterns or prints that you wear are an extension of your personality and personal style.  Yes, that personal connection to a scarf is what takes any classic style to the next level.

You never want to look as if you are forcing yourself to wear a scarf.  We all want to look like that chic, confident French woman when we don one of our favorite works of art. So how do you wear a silk scarf to give your look that extra oomph and drama in an effortless way?

  • In a simple knot around your neck
  • As a belt with your favorite jeans
  • To decorate your handbag
  • On your head as a headband

The last thing that you want is to look as if you have tried too hard and are not comfortable wearing your work of art.

Theresa Delgado, the Designer

Theresa Delgado designs all of her scarves out of her Los Angeles studio.  She thoughtfully designs each and every scarf to bring good vibrations and promote an optimistic outlook as a way of living daily.  Her goal is to make you look put together without spending hours in doing so.

Whether you choose one of her 1960’s inspired eye-popping prints or one of the iconic California beach scenes you will be wearing a unique piece of art.  There is a scarf to compliment every person’s personal taste and style.

What Makes Her Scarves Special

When making a purchase everyone wants to feel special and appreciated.  Some of the most popular designs are in stock.   However, some designs are made to order.  The site will inform you if that is the case and the estimated arrival time.

That means that you are not wearing a mass produced scarf.  Which in turn means that it is even more of a special piece in your wardrobe.  Also, the chances that you will see it on others when you are dressed for a special day is very slim.

What you can expect from a Theresa Delgado purchase:

  • Environmentally safe inks are used in all designs
  • 100% 6A-grade mulberry silk (highest grade silk available) is the designers choice
  • All scarf edges are hand-rolled and hand-sewn into place by skilled artisans
  • Your purchase will arrive carefully packaged in a signature black box

How To Purchase A Theresa Delgado Scarf + A Discount Code

You can purchase these beautiful scarves at the designer’s online boutique by clicking here.  Remember to use code “BETHFERGUSON” for $50 off your purchase.  Let me know which one speaks to you so loudly that you are adding it into your wardrobe.




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  1. I’m a huge fan of scarves and these are amazing!! It’s like having art around your neck!

    1. Totally agree. They are wearable works of art and add so much personality to a look.

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