The beginning of September always makes us think about the changing of the season, moving our fall and winter clothing to the front of our closet, and all of the warm and cozy things that are synonymous with Fall. The truth of the matter is that here in Atlanta I still don’t want to touch those heavier fabrics, and definitely don’t want to put them on my body and go outside of the air conditioning. Instead I opt for an OOTD like today’s. This is probably the last time the white cotton sateen will be worn for the season. I paired them with a brown blouse that has flecks of white in it so that I at least feel like fall colors are in my palette. Finished it off with warm tones of a gold bracelet, deep bronzey gold wedges and a metallic handbag that has browns, bronzes, and gold in the weave.

Here’s looking forward to cooler weather soon!


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