The Perfect White Blouse

perfect white blouse

The perfect white blouse….something that every woman is always in search of.  It is definitely a closet staple.  There are so many variations of the white shirt that you can easily need several of them in the closet at any given time or season.  They can be a fitted blouse that is great for layering, a boyfriend cut for a relaxed look, or even a statement blouse.  The next issue is what type of fabric do you prefer/need….cotton, silk, linen.  Oh so many variations and options.

Women have been wearing the classic white blouse since the 1940s.   Katherine Hepburn in Holiday and Lauren Bacall in Key Largo brought the white blouse to the forefront in fashion.  Audrey Hepburn is the true leading lady that really made the white blouse popular in the 1950s film Roman Holiday.  Do you remember any of the scenes from these movies?

Fast forward to the white blouse that I am wearing today.  In my mind, this one is a statement blouse.  This Dolce & Gabbana has lived in my closet for quite a while now.  It is a cotton blouse that is embroidered on the front panels.  Cotton pique trims the placket, collar and sleeves.  I am pairing it with a favorite pair of Ann Taylor Marina wide leg cropped pants from last year. This year’s color options are here and here.  Love this pop of yellow to complete a simple look.  The shoes are from the Stuart Weitzman Nudist collection.  Love this block heel for walking/standing for long periods of time.

I truly believe that a woman shouldn’t have to reinvent her wardrobe season after season so that is why you will see me pulling things from the past to go with the current.  Do you have a perfect white blouse that you have had for years?


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