The Best Brown Lipstick for Fair Skin

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The Best Brown Lipstick For Fair Skin

We all look forward to so many different things that fall brings with it. The pumpkin spice everything, the burning of candles, the layering of clothes. The other thing that I look forward to bringing out is my brown lipstick. Pairing a brown lipstick with the vibrant autumn hues is a beautiful finishing touch. That way you don’t have to worry if your oranges or reds are matching or clashing with what you are wearing.

I remember the first time that someone suggested I try a brown lipstick. My first thought was “brown, really”. Once I realized that they were so many beautiful shades of brown out there for lips I really fell in love with wearing them in the cooler months. Brown lipsticks can range from a nude brown, to a pink brown, to an orange or red brown, to a chocolate brown. So there is a shade out there for everyone. You just have to find the right one for your skin tone.

I am going to break down how I figured out which brown lipsticks look best on my fair skin. Just so that you know I have cool skin undertones and my lips are naturally quite pink. This is probably due to the fact that I have pink undertones.

You can read my tips for wearing a bold lip in midlife and beyond. This doesn’t just mean reds and pinks. Some browns can also be quite bold. You can also ready about some of my favorite shades of lipstick to update your fall looks .

Color Undertones and Fair Skin

Fair skin usually has cool undertones. However, sometimes you can have neutral skin undertones. Knowing your skin undertones will help you so much not only for choosing your makeup, but also your clothing. Once you are able to match up your undertones you will immediately notice that everything you put on suddenly looks amazing and enhances your natural beauty.

How to determine your skin undertones?

There are two easy ways to help you determine your skin undertones.

  • Look at your veins. If they appear green, then you have a warm skin tone. If they appear blue or purple, then you have cool undertones. Can’t tell if they are green or blue, then you have a neutral undertone.
  • How does your skin respond to the sun. Do you tan easily (warm undertone) or do you burn easily (cool undertone)? No matter your undertone you should always wear sunscreen. You can read about the best clean face sunscreens here and I even included one just for your lips.

After looking at these two easy ways you still can’t determine your undertone, then click here for a couple of more quick and easy tests.

Formulas and Finishes

We all have preferences as to how we like our lips to feel. Some like a really creamy feel to our lipstick while others want all day staying power. The formula of the lipstick can determine the pigment and the staying power. Once you know your lipstick application preferences it will help you determine which formula is best for you.

When you go shopping for lipstick you will find several categories or formulas of lipstick. Each of the categories has the positives and negatives.


Looking for a touch of color and shine? If so, this is the formulation for you. It is usually made with a higher oil content which means that it is less likely to dry out. This is one of the most classic lipstick formulations and is a great choice for everyday wear. Many brands also offer moisturizing versions of this lipstick which is a plus. Be prepared to apply this formula more often because of that.


Cream lipstick is very similar to sheer lipstick. It glides on easily and provides a balance of texture with just a hint of gloss. Cream lipstick is higher in wax so it has a bit more staying power than sheer lipstick. It can also have nourishing ingredients such as aloe and vitamin E so check your labels.


Want to lighten up the lips for the warmer months? Look to a great gloss for this look. They are great to wear when heavily pigmented formulas colors are a bit too heavy. Remember that lighter shades of gloss can add a youthful glow to daytime looks. Brighter glosses are made to be worn at parties, evening soirees, and when you want your lips to get some attention.


Matte is a formula that should be in every woman’s lipstick collection. It is a totally opposite of the gloss. Matte is pure color with smooth, even texture when it goes on your lips. It is not for your everyday look, but for when you want your lips to see and be seen. This formula has greater staying power, but can be drying. Make sure you do the prep work before pulling this out. You will want to make sure you use a good lip liner for this formula.


Lip stains are all about color, minimal shine, and staying power. If you don’t have time to reapply often or don’t like to reapply this formula is for you. Check the ingredients to make sure there are some hydrating elements or stains can be very drying. Also, be aware that you have to be very careful when applying. It’s not easy to correct mistakes with this type of lip color.

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My Favorite Brown Lipstick For Fair Skin

Now let’s take a look at some of my favorite brown lipsticks.

Minimalist Makeup Looks

Merit Slip is a warm neutral. Love the way that they describe their lipstick because it is true. “Signature lip – comfortable color that’s so lightweight, you’ll forget that you are wearing it. I feel the same way about their Flush Balm Cheek Color. To me their make up is perfect for those days that you just want a minimalist make up look to your face.

It Cosmetics Solid Serum in Humble is another great everyday nude cinnamon color for your lips. This is just going to have a touch of fall color to your nude lip. This formula give you up to 4 hours of hydration and has just enough color and shine. Another thing I love about this is that I don’t have to worry about feathering when I put it on. The application is quick and easy. Great choice of lipstick when you are out running errands for the day.


NARS is the first brand of brown lipsticks that I ever wore. I tend to look there when I need a new shade to add to my rotation. NARS Tonka is a great rose brown. With my skin’s pink undertones it is a color that works great. It’s brown, but not too brown. This is a matte finish so if you like a little more shine I would suggest adding a layer of of their Afterglow Lip Shine in Chelsea Girls or Nympho.

Butter London Buzzed is just the perfect warm cocoa brown lipstick. Their lipstick is know for giving you a firmer and fuller looking lip with a velvety finish. Now who doesn’t like that look especially as we age. Another thing that I like about their lipsticks is the magnetic closure. You don’t have to worry about the cap coming off if you just toss it into your bag. If you prefer a matte finish, then I would suggest you try this Brave Plush Rush Satin Matte.

Butter London Free Fall Plush Rush Lip Gloss is a beautiful brown berry plumping lip gloss. What I like about their glosses is that they are formulated to provide an anti-aging/anti-sagging effect.


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. I really appreciate it. Fall weather is here so I hope this helped you figure out a great brown lipstick to add to your fall and winter collection. Please let me know if you have a favorite brown lipstick that I missed in the comments below. I’m always looking for a great one to add to my little collection.


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