Interesting Art

I have been driving past this installment of art for the last several weeks and had been wanting to get a closer look.  It is in front of the new Alpharetta Arts Center. This building had been our local library for years. We thought we would make a quick stop to check it out on this dreary winter day.  The color of the faces really add a nice pop of color to the otherwise neutral colored building. At night the artwork is lit up and the colors really come alive. Soon I will need to make a stop when they are open to get the details on the artist.

Art comes in many forms and can be very subjective.  When I saw this adorable little hoodie with the floral embroidery embellishment that included matte colored sequins, my first thought was “what a beautiful art design”. Just a little bit of sparkle for daytime that pairs great with jeans. Paige Skyline skinnies have been a staple in my closet for years now and I knew my black ones with a pair of booties was all I needed to make this ensemble complete.

I love to wear “works of art” , they bring a smile to my face and add a little pep to my step.  What about you? I think it makes life a bit more interesting.



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