Office Helpers – My Furry Children

Today I am introducing my office helpers, Fluff and Wally.  Fluff is the long-haired fluffy guy and Wally is the tabby with the touches of white on his nose and legs.  Fluff helps from the window perch and Wally has his favorite chair.  Their definition of being an office helper cat is to take a good nap while I do what I have to do and then distract me from time to time.

Fluff likes to get up on the desk, chew on some pens or pencils and see if there is any good paper to bite into. The crunching sound of paper is one of his favorite noises to make.

Wally prefers to hop in and out of my lap as many times per day as possible. He likes to stay long enough to totally interrupt what you are doing so that you can totally focus on him and his needs of being petted. He usually likes to “sing” me a song while he sits there too.

My husband and I rescued Fluff and Wally from the same feral cat colony about three years ago.  We refer to them as “cousins”.  Fluff is a year older than Wally.  Wally is our bottle fed baby.  We rescued him when he was four weeks old.  Fluff was about a year old and once he got a taste of the sweet life of air conditioning and food on a regular basis that summer, he was all about being an office helper cat and sweet loving pet.

Needless to say, they bring interruptions and distractions to my day. That being said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just keep a lint roller and brush handy. I am sure that you will see them in many pictures and posts in the future.


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