Afternoon Lunch Date

Many weeks my husband and I will have an afternoon lunch date versus date night. We prefer these especially in the wintertime for a couple of reasons. I don’t eat out all that often and when I do it is usually things that I don’t prepare at home (food that is much higher in fat and calories).  Midday indulgences give my body time to burn off those extra calories before going to bed.  Guess that is a sign that the digestive systems is getting old.  The other reason is that we are usually quite relaxed from a good glass of wine with lunch and sitting still for about 2 hours from a movie that the rest of the day continues in that same laid-back mode. Many times it will include coming home to watch another movie on Netflix and just hunkering down for the night with a light dinner.

Our weekend outings usually call for a casual ensemble. I usually go for an easy going, yet put together kind of look.   Many times our lunch date also includes running a couple of errands. Today’s ensemble was just a warm blazer that has some extra personality with a comfy pair of boyfriend jean , and velvet loafers.  The blazer has been in my closet for some time now so I couldn’t find something similar.  The jeans and loafers were from earlier this season and sold out, but I am linking similar styles.




Do you ever do an afternoon date versus date night? If so, what are your favorite types of outings?



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