White Denim Skirt – How to Wear this Favorite

My white denim skirt has been on frequent rotation this month.  The official start of summer is just a few days away and the heat and humidity is with us daily.  Needless to say, staying cool and comfortable why still looking stylish is always a priority.

The white denim skirt is my “go to” this summer versus shorts many days.  Seems like at least once or twice a week I see a conversation on Instagram about at what age should women stop wearing shorts.  That being said, I think that the white denim skirt or a denim skirt is a great alternative to shorts.   My opinion on this subject is that you should wear what you feel comfortable in.  Some women who are in the 50 and 60s have better legs to show than women in their 20s.  Each person needs to listen to their inner voice when looking in the mirror before going out and about.

My favorite way to wear a denim skirt is with some type of tennis shoe or flat sandal.  Today I chose to pair my skirt with a linen t-shirt from Banana Republic and a pair of white Tretorn sneakers.  The Banana Republic linen t-shirts are also another summer staple.  Trust me on this, you have to remember to air dry them or in the donation bin they go.

I am linking some of my favorite white denim skirts if you are in the market for one.  Just like any white item in our closets, they need to be updated every couple of seasons.  For some reason when I wear white I am a magnet for some time of spillage.  This is the skirt that I am wearing today.  If you feel like you want a little more length this option from Talbots fits the bill.

Happy weekend!


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