Galentine’s Day: Let’s Celebrate Our Girlfriends

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Galentine’s Day.  This holiday seems to gain in popularity every year.  I must admit that last year (2020) was the first time I had ever celebrated Galentine’s Day.  A friend and I went out for a very lovely lunch because both of our husband’s were traveling for business on Valentine’s Day.  We weren’t going to miss out on celebrating Valentine’s Day so we went out the day before which is when we celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day:  A Made Up Holiday

So Galentine’s Day, where did you come from?  Did a little google search and saw that it originated with the television show Parks and Recreation.  Honestly, I have never watched an episode of the show, but now am going to have to look it up so I understand the history.  Good Housekeeping wrote a great article on the history of this made up holiday.  It’s a fun read.

This year is a very good year to remember and celebrate our girlfriends.  So many of us have not been able to see one another like we are used to.  Going out to lunch and shopping with lots of laughs is a distant memory at this point.   I must admit that I do miss those days, don’t you?

Why We Need to Recognize and Nurture Our Friendships

I must admit that I have a close knit circle of friends.  What is interesting is that I have my “gym friends”, my “fashionista friends”, my “work friends”, and then there are some that are just “friends” that I have know for many years and hold very dear to my heart.  I love being around all of these ladies equally, it’s just funny how I will refer to them by a category and find myself discussing specific topics with specific people.

Study after study has shown that having friendships is important for our mind and body.  Some of the benefits are

  • Stronger immunity
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved self confidence
  • Better overall health
  • Increased happiness

So the next time that you don’t think that you have time to pick up the phone or write a short note, you might want to rethink that and make some time in your schedule for some “girlfriend time”.  You can read more about an easy way to do that in a post that I wrote about a kindness challenge.

How to Celebrate This Made Up Holiday

Well, the ladies in Parks and Recreation supposedly celebrated by having brunch together and exchanging small gifts.  The main thing that no matter how you choose to celebrate the holiday you do it with just girlfriends.  Going out for lunch, cocktails, or dinner would be a great way.  Small gifts to show just how much your friend or friends mean to you is just “icing on the cake”.  Oh, dessert should definitely be involved with any Galentine Day celebration.  Below are a few fun inexpensive gift ideas that I came up with for this fun made up holiday.  Click on any of the photos to get more information or to shop.  All are under $35.


No matter how you celebrate it this year I hope you have lots of laughs and create some wonderful friendship memories.  Remember to always have a little “SASs in your day, ladies.



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