The Best Summer Little Black Dresses For Petites

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The little black dress, made famous by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, is such a staple in fashion that is has its own acronym, the LBD. It is something that you can reach for in your closet year round. You know that with just a few accessories you can feel put together and ready to walk out the door. Summer little black dresses are just as important to have in the closet as are winter little black dresses.

Yes, summer little black dresses can be as simple as a t-shirt dress. Great for running errands or lunch with girlfriends. A summer LBD can also be something that you pull out to go to dinner or an outdoor summer soiree. Nevertheless, a well fitting, stylish LBD is something that all of us should have on the ready. You never know when you are going to get that last minute invitation and the last thing you have time for is a trip to the store to try to find something suitable. The easy answer is your summer LBD go to.

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Summer Little Black Dresses for Any Occasion

Some of the LBDs below are petites sizing, however many are just petite friendly dresses. I am 5′ and usually wear a size XS or 2 dress. Just depends upon the brand, cut, and style. Over the years, I have learned how to spot a dress that will work for those of us who are 5’4″ easily without major alterations.

What’s great about LBDs is that there are so many styles to choose from. There are great summer little black dresses out there that are flattering on every petite body type. We just have to look to find the one that makes us feel fabulous and oh so chic.

Day Dresses

A casual dress comes in handy on hot summer days. Living in the South, I found them cooler than shorts and more comfortable. Plus, I always love a one-and-done kind of look even if it is just to run errands or to the grocery. You can just put on some cute flat sandals like these classic flip-flops, slides, or sneakers, grab your handbag, and you are out the door. This T-shirt dress is a favorite of mine for that kind of day. If you prefer a longer t-shirt dress, then this one is a great figure-flattering option.

A great linen sheath dress for summer is just a little dressier than a t-shirt dress. This one comes in so many colors and is so comfortable. Honestly, I could have it in my closet in every color that looks good on me. A true classic that never goes out of style.

So here are some great petite-friendly day dress options. Some are a little dressier than others. One thing they all have in common is that they will be an easy one and done for many occasions this summer.

Day to Night LBDs

Sometimes a little black dress is needed in the closet that isn’t too casual, but isn’t too dressy. It could be called a day to night dress. A number that you would wear with low heeled or high heeled sandals.

A great sheath dress like this is always comfortable and easy to dress up or down with accessories. Perfect to take on a trip so that you can have a couple of looks with one dress option. If you are looking for something a little sassier, the I really like this black shirt dress. You can see the striped version of it on me in motion here.

So here are some great day to night summer LBD options.

How to Accessorize Summer Little Black Dresses

It is summer time and hot so I always like to keep that in mind when I am choosing my accessories. Simple and classic is usually the way to go. Probably the easiest way to style summer little black dresses is to have on gold jewlery, neutral or metallic sandals, and a raffia handbag. Using neutral colors for your accessories will lighten up the look of a black dress in summer.


When it comes to jewelry I don’t like to go crazy in the summer months. I usually stick with either a necklace and earrings or earrings and a bracelet. Sometimes just a great pair of statement earrings with a LBD is all that you need.

One of my favorite go to online shops for gold bracelets is Hazen & Co. Their bracelets are comfortable to wear and what I do like about them is that the gold beads are available in different sizes so if you have small wrists like me this comes in handy. The other fun thing is that once you have a couple of the gold bracelets then you can add in other fun colored beads if you desire a pop of color. Trust me, they can become addicting and you will reach for them year round. They also have great classic gold earrings as well as many other feminine designs. Here are some of my favorite from their line.


A raffia handbag just says summertime. A good one can go with your LBDs, sundresses, shorts, or linen looks all summer long. When I want a unique bag that will last me for years to come there are three brands/designers that come to mind.

Each of these designers have different looks. They are not inexpensive bags, but they are timeless styles that you will have for many years to come. I have bags by these designers that I have had for years and look forward to pulling them out year after year.


Neutral shoes or metallic shoes in the same gold tone as your jewelry always help complete your look. Here are a few of my favorite styles for summer.


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